A platform for renting and buying spaces, that have been recommended or upvoted by a person's network of friends.


eezyrent is a startup simplifying space rentals in India, primarily Mumbai. I was the front end developer on the team and solely responsible for creating the front end of the entire platform using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery libraries.

It was a client facing role, where I got the chance to work with stakeholders, make updates to the design as the project progressed and worked with the back-end development team to ensure a smooth and seamless integration.

eezyrent launched in mid of 2013 and are continuing their mission to provide effortless rentals. You can find them here but the original design has since been updated.

eezyrent - home page and listing pages
eezyrent - home page and listing pages


Developing a big platform like eezyrent definitely helped improve my front end skills and gave me a deeper understanding of the development process. The importance of identifying the core components and structuring the code to enable reusability is essential in creating a light and maintenable code base.

It was a lot of fun building the website from the ground up and seeing the project slowly take shape. I contributed to the experience by proposing and including some motion and animations in the interactions. My dedication to stay as close as possible to the integrity of the visual design was one thing that noticed and appreciated by my design colleagues.