Hello, I'm Prateek

I am an Interaction Designer at Siemens Healthineers, where I help design and build medical device interfaces.

At Siemens, I've gained experience in end to end design execution and project management for complex medical devices.


Developing design systems for user interface consistency and increased internal productivity.


End to end design execution for a complex medical device.

Domus Academy was my first formal introduction to design thinking, where I had the chance to create innovative and pragmatic solutions to broad and challenging design briefs.

Draw me a story

Interactive storytelling experience for children.


Contextual navigation platform for productivity and exploration.

Web development helped me get into design, and it has been an invaluable skill for my design process, giving me perspective and helping me appreciate the technical details of things.

Concept Nation

UI design and front end development for a e-commerce / creative collaboration startup in India.


Front end development of an online platform for discovering and renting housing in India.

Design is a combination of problem solving and expression.

Of function and form, of logic and of feeling. I believe solutions for people are built through empathy and understanding of their needs and contexts. I enjoy this journey of discovery and collaboration that helps create these solutions, ultimately trying to make someone's life simpler, easier and more delightful. I'm learning from it both professionally and personally.

Thanks for visiting! 🍻